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New 2019 Schedule:


January 2nd: Chapters 9 & 10 Read Test (Gray Haze)
January 4th: 2018 Recap + Goals for 2019
January 9th: Writing the Beginning of Your Novel
January 16th: How to Write Flashbacks + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 11 & 12 Read Test
⭐January 23rd: Top Ten Trends I Hate in YA
January 30th: How to Receive Criticism + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 13 & 14 Read Test


February 1st: January Recap
February 6th: Things I HATE in Romance
February 13th: Favorite Romance Tropes + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 15 & 16 Read Test
February 14th: Top 5 Kandi & Juan Moments in The Edinön Trilogy
February 20th: How to Write Male Characters (feat. a special male guest!)
February 27th: Writing the Middle of Your Novel + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 17 & 18 Read Test


March 1st: February Recap
March 6th: Supporting Characters in Dawning Life
March 13th: Writer Pet Peeves + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 19 & 20 Read Test
March 20th: How to Stay Motivated (as a writer)
March 27th: Writing Fake Languages + Gray Haze word count + Chapters 21 & 22 Read Test