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2019 Schedule:

March 1st: February Recap
March 6th: Supporting Characters in Dawning Life
March 13th: Writer Pet Peeves + Gray Haze update
March 20th: How to Stay Motivated (as a writer)
⭐March 27th: Writing Fake Languages + Gray Haze update

April 1: March Recap
April 3: My Fictional Languages
April 10: Excerpt from Burning Space w/ Author Commentary + Gray Haze update
April 17: Dedication to My Parents
April 24: Writing the Ending of Your Novel + Gray Haze update

May 1: April Recap
May 8: Gray Haze update
May 15: Introducing Marcus and Amora [Gray Haze]
May 22: Introducing Mercy and Malik [Gray Haze]
May 29: How to Write Compelling Villains